LIKAMI – superfood for skin

As everybody out there, I find myself forever on the lookout for better, cleaner and of course, more affordable skincare products and let me tell you, it’s not an easy task. Everybody has their praises for every other product available on the market, myself included, but still, there’s always this relentless ongoing search for the better, for the best!

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Chunky knit blanket – need to know

I’m sure by now everybody’s heard about these gorgeous chunky knit blankets, as they’ve been everywhere on social media, in all sizes and colours, and lately, in all kinds of different fabrics too. Can you tell I’m a fan? 🤗 Oh yeah, absolutely, but before you jump on the bandwagon and rush off to buy your very own, here’s some things you need to consider first!

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The power of RITUALS

What do you think about when you hear someone say the word “rituals”? For me it was always about doing something again and again, but then on a more tedious note than pleasant… Until I discovered THE Rituals! What a surprise that was, still can’t believe that I had passed over this brand so many times, always disregarding it, thinking that it has way too expensive products for what it is… How wrong was I?

Wanna hear the story, keep on reading… 😉

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Goodbye summer…

Hello again!

I’m sitting at my desk looking out the window at the sun shinning outside, thinking where has the summer gone to? It was only yesterday that the temperature was getting higher and higher, that everybody was complaining about the hot weather, wishing for a drop of rain. And now look at it! It’s still sunny out like the very first day of summer, mind you, but oh boy, once you go outside it feels like the autumn is coming and getting here yesterday!

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Pranamat ECO – it hurts so good! Or does it?

I’m sure by now a lot of you out there have hear about Pranamat ECO, as it’s definitely not something new and it’s already had its share of publicity on the social media. I see it a lot on Instagram, almost everybody has already got their hands on it, not only because it promises to do a lot of good to your body, but boy, aren’t those cutesie mats soooo instagrammable? 🥰 So surely I had to run out and get one myself! – actually I just had to place the order online, and a few days later, there it was, my oh so beautiful, but oh so painful, Pranamat ECO and PranaPillow, of course! 

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