Little shopping spree!

I just cannot get over how happy I am for the new season, so I thought I’d give it just a bit more attention. It does deserve it, don’t you think?

I found myself in a spring craze these past few weeks, so I started doing what everybody does… spring cleaning, refreshing my wardrobe, buying more accessories and clothes, I’ve just been all over the place going nuts with it. I mean, who doesn’t love a good excuse to buy more things, right?

Now while spring cleaning may not be that interesting, you gotta admit it’s more of a hassle than a pleasure, even tough satisfying, I think you’d be more interested in purchases I’ve made for the upcoming season. I’m really not the kind of gal to go actually shopping, but I must admit I’m addicted to online shopping. Just endless options available online, it’s too tempting! And let’s get real here, you order something, you receive it after a couple of days if not sooner, try it on, it fits, then great, it’s a keeper, if it doesn’t, you just pack it right up and send it back, easy-peasy!

My shopping ritual is very simple, really. I set myself nice and cozy in the sofa, grab my iPad and start browsing all these wonderful sites, choosing way too many stuff than I need, then end up tossing out half of them from my shopping cart at the end, still think I have way too much stuff in it, toss out some more and then, after a lot of doubting and double guessing myself, I’ll finally go for it and press that little button that says “finalize order”. Mind you, after all that has happened, I’ll still have like a moment or two of panic where I’m scolding myself for yet again buying more stuff than I need, all the while trying to convince myself that oh well, I can still return some of the items if they’re not really amazing, fully knowing all too well that never really happens… Life’s a bitch, right, but oh we do make it ourselves much harder than necessary!

Some of my favorite sites to shop for clothes and accessories is River Island, Asos, and Topshop just to name a few. I will go out shopping too, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes there’s too much of a hassle to do that. Now take Zara for instance, it has some great stuff and I’ll make an effort to go out and see what’s new and buy stuff, but it’s too messy sometimes, there’s just too many people around and endless cues for the fitting rooms… Same goes for Primark, I will go in once every season , just to see what’s up, maybe find a nice piece or two, but that’s it. I must admit I like going to shops like Veritas for instance, where they sell more accessories and such, because I like to physically see what earrings or bracelets, scarves and even handbags I want to buy.

I’m not really a trend follower, I go for the most classic things that will be wearable again and again, even though I do declutter my wardrobe once a year. Whatever I haven’t worn at least once in the past season, well, sorry, but that has to go, with exception of course, of shoes and accessories and those really special pieces that are just too close to my heart for whatever reason. I’m sure we all have those in our closet, that really special dress we wore for that really special occasion, or those really flattering jeans we still hope on day we’ll fit into again, even though that may never happen.

I’m really loving how this season it’s all about pastels, all those blush pinks and soft greys and even the beiges find their rightful place in the latest “must wear this season” items. Whether it’s a new trench coat or a stylish pair of pants, blouses or jumpers, even accessories, it’s all about pastels and light, flowy fabrics, I love it! Even denim is making a strong comeback, all be it in lighter shades, but hey, who doesn’t love a comfy pair of jeans that is, above all, in fashion this season! The thing that I love the most though, is the color yellow, which is absolutely a statement color this spring and upcoming summer. I had to laugh about it when I spoke to my mom about this, as she still has this really cute full on yellow dress from when I was about 10 years old, it was so endearing hearing about it again. She said “see, even then you were fashionable!” 🙂

So, as per usual, I started ordering loads of stuff this time too, some will make it and find a cozy place in my wardrobe, some won’t… you have to be very decisive when it comes to which pieces make it or not, otherwise we end up with closets full of clothes and nothing to wear!

I’ve added here some photos of stuff I want, need or already bought, but I’m definitely looking forward to see which ones you’ll choose! Do we like the same styles, colors or do you even have other online shops you’d like to recommend? Always open to new suggestions, so let me know in the comments tab below!

Till next time, sit back, relax and be beautiful!

XO Cristina.

These are all keepers
stuff 1
Love these pieces
Zara haul – yellow is THE color this season

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