Beauty boxes

Who doesn’t love surprises? I know I do and, for me, beauty boxes are just another kind of surprise, one that’s always welcome, never unpleasant and one that doesn’t fail to make me happy, again and again. So, today, let us talk about beauty boxes!

I must admit, I only discovered the whole beauty boxes thing a few months ago and boy oh boy, it was quite the revelation! I mean, you subscribe to whichever beauty box you like and then each and every month, bam! – you’ve got the postman ringing your door bell to hand you the precious package. You never know what’s inside, it’s always there without delay and it just makes your day brighter!

Now for the moment I’m only subscribed to two beauty boxes, one from Goodiebox and the other one from Lookfantastic but I’m sure there’s yet more to come. It’s been ages that I’m really lusting after the FabFitFun box, but unfortunately they don’t deliver to Belgium yet, so fingers crossed that they’ll change that soon.

I originally started with the Lookfantastic beauty box as I’d been ordering some products from them when I noticed a lot of people were praising the beauty boxes and after doing some more research on it, reading other peoples comments and opinions, I decided that I wanted to give it a go at it myself. You can subscribe for £13/month, which is about €15, and you will receive each time 6 products that are valued at about £60. Mind you, I agree, they are travel size or minis, but it’s a great way of trying out new skincare and beauty products without breaking the bank and buying stuff you’re not yet sure they work or maybe you won’t even like that much… One thing is sure though, I personally just love, love, love their beauty boxes!

So while my taste for beauty boxes was awaken, I stumbled upon another website also offering them for a monthly fee of €19,95 from Goodiebox. What got me sold on this one though, is that although it also contains 6 products, most of them are full size! I mean, how good is that, right? It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Usually you’ll notice that one product out of their box is already about €20, and yet you always get about 5 of the 6 products that are full size. I first thought it must be too good to be true, but after a few months of being subscribed to them boxes, it is true, they are too good! 🙂

There’s all kinds of products featured in the beauty boxes and they always do send me stuff that suit me, meaning the right kind of blush or BB cream, the right hair products… I don’t actually remember if there was any questionnaire or so that I filled in upon subscription, but I don’t think so… Hmmm…  One thing is sure! I have used the products each and every time and, up until today, I haven’t had any fails with any of the products.

Check out the photos below and my Instagram account too see the boxes I’ve received so far and do let me know if you already have any experience, good or bad, with using any of the products. Always ready to hear your opinions about them!

Until next time, sit back, relax and be beautiful!

XO Cristina.




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