The Perfect Pair of Jeans

Who doesn’t love a nice pair of jeans, right? You can dress them up or down, they suit almost any occasion, and let’s be honest, everybody, but I mean everybody has jeans in their wardrobe. But oh, we all know too well the struggle to finding the right pair, so here are all my secrets to the perfect pair of jeans!

There’s apparently lots of things you have to pay attention to when looking for the perfect pair of jeans and after cleaning out my closet the beginning of this season, I found out that most of my jeans weren’t all that anymore… I had worn all throughout the winter time only dark navy or black jeans, new additions that I had purchased at the beginning of winter, and I was really looking forward to taking out my light wash jeans, as I only wear those throughout spring, summer and beginning of autumn. 

So I sorted them all out and tried them on again, just to refresh my memory about what’s what and to my surprise, I started noticing that I don’t really like them anymore… They didn’t fit so good anymore, they were loose in places they were not supposed to be loose (and no, I hadn’t lost any weight) and that just got me so annoyed that I decided to do some research about how to care for your jeans to get more wear out of them. That’s when I stumbled upon some things I had not yet taken into consideration. 🤔

First off, do not, I repeat, DO NOT leave your jeans folded in your closet for a long time if there’s no doors to your closet, because, as I’ve unfortunately discovered, when the sun hits them on the same spot for too long, they will get discoloured in that spot. Obvious for some of you, but as I’ve always had doors to my closets until last year, I never even thought that this would be an issue. So all my beloved light wash jeans now had a horizontal stripe of lighter colour across one pant, on the spot that was exposed to prolonged sunlight… All those gorgeous jeans were now shot to hell, but, as a consolation and sparing a bit of heartache about this, I decided to keep them and use them as lounge wear or for when I’m walking my dog. I mean, I don’t really feel the need to look fashionable when walking my dog and I’ve been also known to walk my dog in my pyjamas if he wants to go out after a certain hour at night, so I don’t think the people in my neighbourhood will notice that horrible discolouration on the jeans. 🤫

So with that disaster in mind, I set out to writing about how to increase the life span of your favourite pair of jeans, but above all, how to find the right pair to begin with.

There’s a few things you need to pay attention to when looking for a great fit for your jeans. First of all, the colour and wash of the denim. Keep in mind that a darker colour will be very easy to dress up or dress down, I personally think a darker wash just looks more polished as it kinda takes your thoughts to the more business like aspect of a black pant. Now if you prefer the lighter wash denim, that’s great too, but just keep in mind that the lighter the denim, the more casual the jeans are going to look. Of course, it still depends where you’re gonna wear your jeans, but in my opinion, a darker wash will look great for work styled up with a pair of heels or even flats, whereas the lighter wash won’t look as polished or put together. Also be aware of the wash on the jeans itself, that lighter, sort of distressed panel that runs down the centre of the leg, which is great as it elongates the leg, as long as it doesn’t end right at the knee, as this only cuts your legs in half and gives the illusion of your legs being shorter. 

Next thing you need to pay attention to when looking for a new pair of jeans, is the actual body shape you have, because trust me, it does make a difference! Once you understand which types of jeans suit which types of body shape, you’ll have no troubles finding that pair that’s made just for you. The key to a great fit is the rise!

For instance, if you have an hourglass or pear shaped body type, then you’re in luck, as those coveted high rise or even mid rise jeans are made for you. Reason for that great fit is that hourglass or pear shaped body types have more full or broad hips and a high rise jeans kind of rounds out in that area but it will grab and singe in at the small of your waist, which makes this kind of rise the best choice and gives the most flattering look. Now if you’re an inverted triangle or an apple body shape, then you want something that is mid to low rise. These kind of body types don’t always have a lot of definition around the waist, so a low rise jeans emphasises the waist and creates all kinds of curves.

Another thing to take into consideration are the pockets, as they make a huge difference in how your back side will look. Pocket size and placement do matter, as small pockets will make your buttom look bigger and oversized pockets will make your back side look a bit saggy and nobody wants that! I mean, let’s be real, we all want a nice round booty that looks like it lives on the first floor instead of the basement! 😜 If the pockets are placed too low and they sort of crease into your bum or even below that, it will make your booty look long and saggy, same as pockets placed too wide apart will make your hips look larger. 

Now something that nobody talks about, but it’s definitely an issue, at least from my point of view, is the dreaded camel toe! You can avoid making this crotch mistake by paying attention to the space between the zipper ending and the crotch. If that’s too long, that will only attract your eyes to that area. As there’s no zipper there, that big blank space is very obvious and eye catching, so avoid this at all costs!

The last thing to keep in mind is the actual cut of the jeans. A boot cut will minimise the width of your hips visually, if that’s what you’re after, but you want the bottom flare of the jeans to be the same width as the top of your thigh if you want to achieve that effect. A straight leg will make your legs appear thinner, those are my fav. Skinny or slim jeans on the other hand, they just show the exact contour of your body, so they’re not hiding or highlighting anything, they just show whatever your legs look like, so you need to know that and feel comfortable wearing those kind of jeans.

Another thing, and that’s not really relevant to the fit of the jean, but that’s equally important, is how you care for your jeans. All jeans have elastane in them, even if it’s only 1%, so you should never dry them in the hot dryer, as elastane is a sort of plastic fibre and by tossing them in the dryer, you’ll just burn through that plastic fibre, so after  few hours of wearing your jeans, they’ll just go all baggy on you. So just hang them flat to dry after washing and I guarantee you’ll have better looking jeans for longer time!

If you’re like me and don’t really care about spending precious time in line at the store to actually go in a fitting room and try on your jeans, there’s an easy trick to solve this problem. Once you’ve decided on the fit, wash, pocket placement and whatnot about your jeans, just button them up and wrap them around your neck. If they fit you there, they will fit around your waist too! 👌

Do you have any other tricks or advice about finding that great pair of jeans? Or have you tried any of these ones yet? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear all about it!

So with your now perfect pair of jeans on, just sit back, relax and be beautiful!

XO Cristina.

Shopping for denim at ZEB.

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