Pranamat ECO – it hurts so good! Or does it?

I’m sure by now a lot of you out there have hear about Pranamat ECO, as it’s definitely not something new and it’s already had its share of publicity on the social media. I see it a lot on Instagram, almost everybody has already got their hands on it, not only because it promises to do a lot of good to your body, but boy, aren’t those cutesie mats soooo instagrammable? 🥰 So surely I had to run out and get one myself! – actually I just had to place the order online, and a few days later, there it was, my oh so beautiful, but oh so painful, Pranamat ECO and PranaPillow, of course! 

First off, something I was quite excited to see even before buying it, is that the Pranamat ECO is made from high grade 100% all natural coconut, linen and cotton fibres. The mat has 221 patented massage elements shaped like lotus flowers, each with 25 pointed petals, which press into the surface of the skin. The pillow has 95 lotus flowers with also 25 petals each! These activate the acupressure points, stimulating the central nervous system, improving blood and lymphatic circulation and supply oxygen and nutrients to the body. The deep relaxation of the muscles eliminates the tension and spasms that cause back pain and pain in the lumbar spine. Just a few minutes a day can revolutionize your health as it stimulates the production of endorphins which bind to the opioid receptors in the brain and are powerful, natural pain-killers. Endorphins, also known as “happiness hormones”,  also trigger a positive feeling in the body, they improve your sleep and make you feel happy, so that’s all good news, right? It’s great against headaches, helps a lot for people who have bad circulation, suffer from distress, pain in the legs, cellulite and the list goes on and on! If you want to learn more about this product, I encourage you to check out their website here, as they have a ton of information about it, plus they also talk about the clinical trials that were made to prove its effectiveness. It also includes a 30 day money back guarantee, a 5 year warranty and super fast shipping worldwide, plus it’s handmade!

I felt like a mother hen watching her chicks hatch when I was unboxing this beauty, I must admit, it does look gorgeous! 💜 I chose mine in natural with lavender lotus flowers, but that was only because of the promo code that they had going on for that colour at the time I ordered it. I guess I would’ve liked another colour, but I mean, would it have been worth it to pay a few good extra bucks just for the orange or that gorgeous turquoise mat? That choice is entirely up to you, obviously! 

So, back to the unboxing! It was handled with love and care, that was one thing I could see from the get go. The box itself was sturdy enough to withstand the handling and shipping conditions and it arrived in my hands in pristine state. I kept on oooh-ing and aaah-ing over it for a few good minutes, before I actually dared use it. IT HURT LIKE HELL!!! 😱 I mean yeah, you do have to ease into using it, as the first time on it will be a shock of pain! They say you should start the first sessions with your t-shirt on instead of bare skin, and that’s what I did, but that oh so cute and gorgeous pranamat ended being my enemy number one the first few times of use! 

Now don’t go on hating on it just yet! Because to my very surprise, the mat started doing its job. It promises a whole bunch of improvement into different areas  and boy oh boy, does it deliver!  After a while, I started not only welcoming the pain but also loving it, as you do get used to it, it does’t feel painful at all anymore, it gives you more of a nice warming sensation, you just know it’s working, you can feel it’s working!

First thing I noticed was that my back pain was not only less noticeable, but also less frequent, which is really the reason I got this in the first place. You probably need to know that before having this mat and pillow, I used to see an osteopath once monthly and also a physiotherapist first three times a week, then once weekly for the past two years now, just to get me through my backaches. So having this mat really did do wonders in lessening the pain I was suffering from!

Then I started noticing that my headaches were also almost gone away for good. Before starting using the Pranamat ECO I had weekly headaches and at least once a month migraines, plus troubles with stuffed sinuses, you name it, I had it! Now that all lessened if not completely went away in a few months time. I’ll still get a headache here and there, but now they’re so seldom that I can’t even remember last time I had one.

Another thing I noticed was that my sleep got better and better. I mean, maybe not the sleep itself got better, but as I’m using the pranamat in the evenings, I find myself more and more relaxed when going to bed. So that makes me sleep better too!

They also say it’ll do good against cellulite, I mean, yeah baby, bring it on, but I have to admit, I haven’t really used it in that way, so I can’t really say for sure… I will have to be more aware of switching up positions when laying on it, as you need to use it in different positions for different issues. Lay on your back for back pain, use the pillow against headaches, sit on it to really tone your legs and so on… The mat does come with a users guide which shows you how to use it and for how long to get the desired effects, so no worries there.

In the end, I could go on and on talking about this, but I guess you do have to try it for yourself before believing it! I’ve told everybody I know about this and I must admit that there were still some skeptics out there and unfortunately that was more due to the price then to whether it would do or not do what it says. For me, and I’m being very honest here, the price is quite high, especially when you’ve lived with pain for a long time and not even a whole bunch of doctors could rid you of said pain… it is kinda difficult to believe a cute little mat will do what others couldn’t! But all in all, I would now even pay double for it, as it’s become a part of my self care routine and it’s something I don’t see myself living without!

Until next time, sit back, relax and be beautiful!

XO Cristina


You can use it anywhere, anytime!
Pranamat ECO and PranaPillow 💜

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3 thoughts on “Pranamat ECO – it hurts so good! Or does it?

  1. I haven’t heard of the Pranamat ECO before, but the mat & pillow sound great & I like that it is actually effective at reducing pain & headaches. I could definitely benefit from using the mat & pillow, but like you mentioned the price is high.

    Tales of Belle


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