Goodbye summer…

Hello again!

I’m sitting at my desk looking out the window at the sun shinning outside, thinking where has the summer gone to? It was only yesterday that the temperature was getting higher and higher, that everybody was complaining about the hot weather, wishing for a drop of rain. And now look at it! It’s still sunny out like the very first day of summer, mind you, but oh boy, once you go outside it feels like the autumn is coming and getting here yesterday!

Gone are the swimsuit days, the shorts and tank top days (not that I’m one to wear shorts or tank tops 😉), gone are the sitting around on the terrace having a drink with the neighbours until 2am nights, I miss it all already as if it never was… The memories about that very flowy and very flowery summer dress seem so far away now, that I have to double check my closet to make sure it’s still there, patiently waiting for me until the next summer… The high heels favourite summer sandals are now stowed away on the shelf, along with all the other strappy sandals and peep toe pumps that will be forgotten about until next year…

When I say summer, I think about every colour possible, be it shoes or clothes, make-up or accessories, because as long as the sun is shinning, then hell yeah, everything goes, nothing is out of style or untrendy, it all looks amazing!

I think about flowers, my favourite ones being sunflowers, so I think about those especially. I remember the sunflower fields at my grandma’s in Romania, where I spent my holidays, walking barefoot all summer long, not having a care in the world!

When I say summer, I think about all those long walks on the beach at sunset, the sun tanning with or without SPF protection (I’m bad, I know), the nice breezy boat rides on the calm sea, waiting to see some seals, which unfortunately seemed to be on holiday too!

I think about barbecues, especially those that start at lunch and last all day long, when you’ve had burgers and grilled meat for lunch and then you’ll have grilled meat and burgers for dinner and nobody minds at all, as long as there’s still food and drinks on the table!

This was for me the season for apero afternoons with friends, for long nights outside having a nice chat and a nice glass of rosè with them, planning and plotting god knows what, because, in the end, we are all none the wiser! But we are the happier, because that’s what summer does to you, it makes you happy!

So thank you summer and see you soon! Don’t be late though 😜

Until next time, sit back, relax and be beautiful!

XO Cristina

Published by

The Real Brunette

Hi, I'm Cristina! Thank you for visiting The Real Brunette, I'm so happy you're here! I'm a Millennial, born in Romania, currently living in Belgium, here writing about my experiences, mishaps and happy moments. Reach out if you have any questions!

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