Grazie for GRATiAE


This time I wanna talk about some skincare products from a brand I discovered on a trip last year in October in Rome, Italy.


I was walking down the street going back to my hotel on what I think was the last day there, which unfortunately was also a cold and rainy day (after a full week of scorching heat), when I noticed this lady outside a tiny shop on Via del Corso handing out free samples of obviously some beauty products. Tired as I was, I turned back to take the samples, thinking of the long hot bath waiting for me back at my hotel. She must’ve sensed my tiredness and need for some pampering, cause next thing I know I’m already inside the shop, sitting down in front of a vanity style table and she’s applying all kinds of stuff on half my face, while explaining god knows what in half Italian and half Spanish, as she herself was not Italian. By the end of the “session”, Annie, the lady in question, knew all about my life and half my face looked like I received an instant facelift, while the other half looked like 10 years older than I actually am… So of course I agreed to everything she advised to purchase, even though the costs mounted up an obscene amount of money, which prolly would’ve bought me another 5 days of holiday. 🤫

And that’s how I discovered Gratiae.


And my oh my, how thankful am I to have discovered it indeed! Gratiae -Organic Beauty by Nature- is a natural, organic and healthy brand of skincare products made mainly to help against ageing and best of all, it’s eco-friendly, ozone friendly, cruelty free, organic ingredients, you name it, they do it and do it good and it does matter.

There’s this amazing story behind it too, which I always love hearing about, it kinda makes it a bit more romantic and even more special… They say that in the 2nd century, the Roman emperor Hadrian discovered this hidden natural and mineral rich thermal spring somewhere in the mountains area by the Sea of Galilee. The spring soon became the natural spa of choice for the Roman royalty. Hadrian named this place Gratiae -The Three Graces- after the goddess of charm, beauty and fertility in the Roman Mythology. Apparently this place still exists up until today and is still a major attraction for visitors from all over the world (it’s on my bucket list, by the way 😜).


So long story short, I started with using their Renewing line. I especially love the Facial Feeling Gel which I still use even today and it’s one of the most satisfying cleansing products out there. You can actually see all the yucky dirt it removes from your face. I’m also using their Replenishing line for my eyes, both the eye cream and eye serum are amazing. Best of all is that you only need a tiny amount of product to get the job done. Their body care range is just mazing, they have developed some of the best scrubs and body butters out there, definitely worth it to try out.


After using their products for a while, my face probs had cleared out completely, all the milia issues I had had gone, I looked refreshed all day every day, no more skin sensitivity issues. I mean, by God, where have you been all my life? This brand has just amazing products! Prices euhm, break the bank,  but they do have offers very often and I always wait for the one where you buy one and get the same one free, which they do every few months, so then it’s totally worth it to buy.



I could just go on and on talking about this award winning brand, but I guess you’ll just have to try it out for yourself. On your first order you always receive a free full size product, plus numerous samples to try out and even at this moment they’re having amazing promo deals, so do check out their website.

Until next time, sit back, relax and be beautiful!

XO Cristina

Gratiae Beautifying Nail Kit. Gratiae Exfoliating Salt Scrub and Body Butter. Gratiae Honey Massage Oil.



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