The power of RITUALS

What do you think about when you hear someone say the word “rituals”? For me it was always about doing something again and again, but then on a more tedious note than pleasant… Until I discovered THE Rituals! What a surprise that was, still can’t believe that I had passed over this brand so many times, always disregarding it, thinking that it has way too expensive products for what it is… How wrong was I?

Wanna hear the story, keep on reading… 😉

So, to start from the beginning, yeah, of course I knew about Rituals already for years, as does everybody out there, but I always thought everybody was exaggerating when talking about this brand. Why? Well, because in the end, how amazing can scented candles be, right? Well, they ARE amazing, so amazing that I still kick myself for taking my sweet old time until actually trying out their products.

I remember last winter, around about this same time of the year, I found myself having some days off, not enough to take an actual vacation, but enough to stay home and have the need for some pampering. So I started checking out the internet (because everybody who knows me knows Google is my best friend 🤓) searching for some spa treatments in the area where I live. To my surprise, the only thing that looked interesting enough was the Urban Spa from the Rituals shop in Knokke, so I thought why not, just book something and give it a try. I was hooked ever since and I’m still purchasing and repurchasing their stuff.


The scents that welcomed me when I showed up for my first spa treatment, the way the personnel is trained and the great service they offer, plus all the luscious products… OMG! Everything was amazing! First off, they show you to a seating area where they serve you some amazing tea, while they double check to make sure everything is ready for your spa treatment. You can feel the stress leaving your body already as you start to get more aware of the delightful scents around you and the perfect relaxing background music. Then you get accompanied to the room you’re supposed to be in for the treatment, you get some time to get comfy, by which I mean naked 😅, but like decent naked, all wrapped up in towels and whatnot, making sure nothing gets exposed that doesn’t need to get exposed. And then the magic begins… I remember choosing The Ritual of Ayurveda, the Luxe Treatment, some two hours of full body pampering session, plus the extra Heavenly Feet Massage with a girl called Eline. She started off with spraying the area around me with the Hair and Body Mist from the range of Ritual of Ayurveda, asked me to inhale three times and close my eyes, and the rest is  bliss and happiness… ❤️


The first ever Rituals collection I discovered by actually purchasing products in their shop, was the Ritual of Yalda, which was last winter’s limited edition ritual and that’s unfortunately not available anymore. I still saved one candle that I’m using right now as I write this blog post. I also haven’t used up all the wishes from the Yalda Wishing Box, as it’s something too precious to use all the time. Where’s the charm in making a wish every day? I save those for special occasions and special wishes. I remember the tea from this particular ritual, it was so delicious, had something with pomegranate and watermelon in it if I’m not mistaken…

All the other rituals are worth checking out, as all of them have something special. For instance, I myself find that The Ritual of Karma is more suited for the summer time, same goes for The Ritual of Samurai, which is made for men, also The Ritual of Namaste, which is a skincare ritual and The Ritual of Cleopatra, which has all to do with make-up. You just need to check out what suits you best!


My all time favourite products by Rituals are, without a doubt, all the At Home products, which they call The Private Collection. That includes fragrance sticks, scented candles, home perfume sprays, all the way to hand balms and soaps, car scents, you name it, they do it and they do it best! What I also love is the fact that they also offer a Soul Wear range, which not only is very comfy to wear, but you can choose between yoga clothes, lounge home wear or even sleeping wear, for him and her!


I was one of the first to purchase The Hair Temple products as I was the first customer in the shop the day they launched that in the store nearby where I live and I will surely purchase them again, as the option I chose left my hair feeling very healthy and silky smooth afterwards. I find it very satisfying to be able to actually choose from different elixirs to create your personal shampoo and conditioner to boost your hair’s natural beauty. From curls to colour, from nourishing to protecting, there are 495 combinations available. Plus don’t get me started on all the hair masks, serums, oils and sprays that cover your hair care for top to bottom, summer or winter, all day, every day!

You know, in the end, I could go on and on about this amazing brand, which not only offers clean and safe products but is also cruelty free, and takes care to reduce the impact of packaging materials on the environment by offering refills for some of their products. Also, as of last year, Rituals has taken an about-turn on its skin care range, overhauling its entire line to bring out 39 new 100% natural and vegan products. They also support charities such as The Tiny Miracles Foundation since 2011, which aids children at risk and underprivileged in India. Rituals is now also one of Tiny Miracles’ partners in creating work for the people of the Tiny Miracles communities by developing durable products. In August 2019 the first product was launched with Rituals: the Bag for Good, which has provided the women who made it with new skills, a steady income and newfound self-confidence. With the bag you receive a beautiful gift; a unique bracelet, made for you by the women of the communities.

Goodie Bag
Bag for Good.

So, very long story short, I think by now you already can guess how obsessed I am with this brand! 😊 Once a fan, always a fan and I invite you to discover this too, if you haven’t already!

Until the next time, sit back, relax and be beautiful!

XO Cristina

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