Chunky knit blanket – need to know

I’m sure by now everybody’s heard about these gorgeous chunky knit blankets, as they’ve been everywhere on social media, in all sizes and colours, and lately, in all kinds of different fabrics too. Can you tell I’m a fan? 🤗 Oh yeah, absolutely, but before you jump on the bandwagon and rush off to buy your very own, here’s some things you need to consider first!

I’ve wanted one of these chunky knit blankets for sooooo long now, can’t even remember where and when I first saw them around. But of course, due to the very high price, because trust me, they don’t come cheap, I was always changing my mind about purchasing one. Until recently, that is. What made me go for it this time around? Well let me tell you all about it.

I thought these chunky knit blankets were only made out of merino wool. Which is great if you like wool. Me personally, not such a fan. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Why? Because I always thought that almost everything wool is just scratchy and there’s just this feeling that I have when I actually touch it, not pleasant, mind you. Then I found out that the scratchy feeling you have from wool touching your skin has to do with the micron count, as the smaller the micron count a particular wool has, the softer it is to the touch. The larger the micron count, the more hairy or wiry the wool feels. But that still didn’t fix that yucky sensation I have when I touch something made out of wool. Then I found some sites that were selling these kind of blankets made out of synthetic acrylic fibers, which was definitely not what I was looking for. So my dreams of having the most amazing blanket on earth, seemed almost unreachable. I almost forgot about them, until recently, when I “accidentally” (I took it as I sign, mind you 🙈) stumbled upon a website selling handmade chunky knits, not only made out of merino wool, but also out of organic cotton! I mean, seriously? That sold me instantly!

The website I’m talking about is called Wolletjebol and they have the most beautiful chunky knit blankets, poufs and pillows you’ve ever seen, in all kinds of colours and sizes. They’re based in The Netherlands and all their chunky knits are handmade, plus they’re GOTS certified, which means all their merino wool and organic cotton is sourced and processed in a biological, sustainable and environmentally-friendly way.

Now what got me really convinced of bitting the bullet and purchasing one of their blankets? Well, it’s easy! The organic cotton! Hold on now, before you go on thinking, nah, nothing special about that, hear me out first!

I have pets, a chihuahua and a cat, and their favourite thing to do, is to dig and scratch and nest in all the blankets or pillows I have around in the house. I mean, really go wild on anything soft, so having a chunky knit blanket in wool was a big no-no for me, not only for my own dislike of wool in general, but I think that a wool blanket wouldn’t last a day with these savages. It’s not like I can guard the blanket at all times and I also didn’t want to have to put it away every time I wasn’t home. So here comes cotton to the rescue! Not only is cotton incredibly strong AND washable, but it’s also childproof and petproof. So yeah, I was instantly sold! Or better said, the most gorgeous chunky knit blanket in organic cotton in the colour sand was sold to me and on its way to its new home!

I cannot recommend Wolletjebol enough, their blankets are so amazing, I can’t wait to add at least a pouf and definitely some pillows to my collection.

And now it’s time to enjoy the most soft and gorgeous blanket ever, together with my two fur babies, of course! 🥰

Until next time, sit back, enjoy and be beautiful, preferably wrapped up in a chunky knit blanket from Wolletjebol 🤍

XO Cristina

Chunky knit blanket in organic cotton, colour sand.








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3 thoughts on “Chunky knit blanket – need to know

  1. How awesome that you finally find your dream blanket. I love these blankets to. I agree with the whole wool thing, i’m getting itchy from it to. I hope you can enjoy it for a really long time 💕


  2. I always have a blanket around me. In the summer as well. I don ‘t have one of those yet. But i would love to. They look so comfi


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