About my blog

The Real Brunette is about enjoying and appreciating the simple things in life. A bit of lifestyle tips and tricks, delicious food, some fashion and all things related to beauty, of course.

Born in Romania, but currently living in Belgium, I’ve travelled quite a bit around Europe and even stayed for a while in Spain and Italy, so I always thought about having a blog where I can share my traveling experiences, mishaps and happy moments. And let’s not forget, all of that mouth-watering food I’ve stumbled upon on those occasions.

As far as fashion and beauty goes, well there you’ve got me, as I’m just getting my feet wet myself, so I guess we’ll see together where this takes me. Needless to say, I am truly passionate, if not a bit obsessed with all kinds of beauty and skincare products and trying out new styles in fashion.

Without further ado, I wish you a good time reading my posts and I hope you enjoy getting a glimpse of my adventures.

So sit back, relax and be beautiful! XO Cristina